Thoughts on creativity

Have you ever set down a project because you wrote yourself into a corner and weren’t sure how to proceed?  Months go by and you’re working on a new project, discussing it with someone and suddenly this unfinished project pops into your mind.  The genre is completely different than your typical work and you have the internal debate about putting the time in to revising it and working with it.

Have you ever treated other projects as a fun escape from the work of your writing? Or use different avenues when your characters decide they want to give you the silent treatment?  I use multiple outlets when it comes to striking characters.  The other outlets temporarily divert me but I always come back to my core writing.

The funny thing about this project?  This project distracted me for almost 50 solid pages of manuscript.  This story was supposed to be a short story but seems to evolve into a larger work. I’m okay with that.  I believe the story was one I started between Birth of Light and Duty’s Song.   The work needs some hard core revision and smoothing so we’ll see.  I have enough revision going on right now.

What other avenues do you use to give yourself a creative outlet when the writing isn’t always there?  For me, the creativity has to go somewhere.  I knit. I cook.  I make fleece blankets.  What other hobby gives your creativity somewhere to go?

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