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So a little over a month ago I blogged about this amazing site called Hometown Reads.  The media buzz has continued with an article featured in the Toledo Blade .  So many fascinating authors have been added to the site in the last month.  I cannot encourage people enough to invest in local authors; local business.  Those little things, to me, build a village so to speak.

With that being said,  I am happy to share that Hometown Reads is expanding beyond the Toledo community.  You can still get to the site by clicking on the badge below for authors in Toledo.



If you live in the Cleveland or Ann Arbor area,  make sure you check out the pages for these cities. There are some fascinating books on the site.  If you know anyone that has a published book and is looking to get some exposure, these folks are absolutely fantastic in getting the word out.   My first book was sitting on the shelf since publication in 2012 and, unfortunately, I simply did not have the time to devote to the marketing aspect of our craft.  This site has given my book a new life and the lovely people I’ve networked with because of it, well..I can’t thank them enough.

So…calling all authors in the Toledo, Cleveland, Ann Arbor  areas,  they’re still taking submissions.  Also,  a little birdie told me they are accepting submissions for the Columbus, Cincinnati and Detroit areas. The submissions are limited to one book per author–so if you have friends that write series like I do,  make sure you let them know.  So support your friends and local authors! Visit the sites and share, share,  share the works you’re interested in.

And, of course, if you’re interested in my work, please check out the Books section of the site, or drop me a line through the Contact Me section of the site.  I would be delighted to hear from you!

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