I would love to tell you all this blog would be all about writing all the time but let’s face it, life happens.

Every year my husband, daughter and I participate in a local event called the Glass City Marathon. Specifically, we walk the 5k.  The event has become a family tradition 3 years strong. We have little things we do every year to commemorate the race. Normally, breakfast is involved and we sit around and laugh about the morning.  This year, my daughter and I decided to do something a little different.  At the expo before the race, we came across the booth belonging to a local artist who makes bead bracelets from local materials. If you’re unfamiliar with our area,  the material is called Lake Erie glass. The glass can be found from remnants at the bottom of the lake from multipe occurences;  shipwrecks, littering.


So I told that story, to tell this one. This morning, during the 5k I had an “ah-ha” moment.  Just after sunrise; freezing my butt off and a lightbulb clicked.  Not a creative one, mind you but a light bulb all the same.  The years go by too fast. That was the first flicker.  I looked at my daughter, who is 15, and I realize we may not have too many more races until she’s flown the nest so to speak. That was the second flicker. Then I paused to absorb the moment.

The peace of the morning struck me and I realize that…life may not be what I want a 100 percent of the time, but damn it, I’m happy. Time may be short but every moment matters.    With my daughter and her obsessive love for being on stage and my husband and his craziness.  (Up to and including dancing like an terribly uncoordinated teenager in public.)  It’s busy,  I’m still struggling to carve out a creative niche but there’s laughter, some tears and it’s just…life. And with that, I leave you with one of my favorite movie quotes:


Doc Holliday: What did you ever want?
Wyatt Earp: Just to live a normal life.
Doc Holliday: There’s no normal life, Wyatt, it’s just life. Get on with it.

When was your last “ah-ha” moment?

PS. Bonus points to any fellow lover of that film.




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