Take Your Time

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Current Reading:  The Tudors: The Complete Story of England’s Most Notorious Dynasty– GJ Meyer (ALMOST done!!)

“Eat healthily, sleep well, breathe deeply, move harmoniously.”
~Jean-Pierre Barral

So I have to be blunt for a moment.  Our hostess with the mostest at The Figment through me a real curve ball with this week’s writing prompt.  I’m rarely stumped but this one took some mulling over.  Today’s post struck me when a song popped onto my playlist today. These are the lyrics:

Take a breath
Take a step
Take a chance
Take your time

The song is from the musical The Last Five Years.  If you’ve never heard it, get it. It’s fantastic.  So the song lyrics got me thinking about that quote in a slightly different skew.  I thought about it terms of where we are in our lives and the risks we take for the lives we want to have.   Yes, eat healthy, sleep well. These are important for anyone’s physical health and are basically common knowledge with all the recent revelations about physical health.  But those last two…breath deeply…live harmoniously.

Those two bear a great deal more consideration.  Breathe deeply.  What if that means not just the use of lungs, diaphragm and windpipe? What if it has more to do with heart?  What if the quote is about that big internal breath we take before making a major change; a major step in our lives? Or the big deep breath of relief when a plan finally comes together?  (Cookie to anyone who gets the 80s TV reference)  So I got to thinking about that and the context of those song lyrics and it made me smile.  I know what it’s like to feel that way–to find out if you have the guts to pull through a hardship,  make that hard decision and survive beyond it.   Those decisions take a yard of guts; perserverence and patience.   They also take the ability to let situations go when they aren’t working as we may have planned and the maturity to move on.  That is how I interpret that part.

The last part,  with particular attention to our world and its current state of affairs,  becomes even more important in that context.  Live harmoniously.  Can you live with yourself in  your every day affairs?  The decisions you make, are they ones you just live with or do you take pride in those choices?  Better question, can you live harmoniously with the things that are beyond your control?  What gives you the courage to accept your choices–both the good and the bad–take responsibility and move on?

Confession time;  I used to be someone who would not accept that responsiblity and, consequently made some fairly shitty choices because I couldn’t own it. I was not happy with me the individual and that unhappiness branched out into other areas.    Time and experience taught me a great deal and I grew.  I often wonder if more people could take time to self-examine, how the world would be impacted on a larger scale.   Definitely food for thought.

So,  here’s a random question and shout out to readers. Do the actions of the individual impact the well being of the whole?  If we better ourselves as individuals,  will that in turn,  better our world?  Let me know what you think,  within reason.  Comments are monitored. If you’re abusive, well, you’re getting deleted.  🙂

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