Fight Song

Inspired by:  Fight Song – Rachel Platten;   Rise up – Andra Day

Brought to you by:  The Figment’s Weekly Writing Prompt


And I’ll rise up like the break of day;   I’ll rise up, I’ll rise unafraid.  So this week’s prompt was the word “brave”.   This has taken a great deal of time and indecisiveness when this prompt was posted.  The hilarious part is that this was a prompt I provided and I could not bring myself to decide what I wanted to say about it.  I am still on the fence because when I put that word in a personal context; the meaning takes on a life of its own. The meaning to me is a wish to be brave enough to keep going no matter what.  I rise up. I show up.  I push.  I keep going.

Brave is having the stones to step outside the little boxes we put ourselves in.  The expectations of society; family;  whatever floats your wee little boat;  whatever your situation is that binds you and causes your stagnancy.    I wasted a lot of time trying to meet the expectations of others rather than those I set for myself; rather than going after the brass ring I dream about.  A lot of years passed before I learned that meeting other people’s expectations was not the path I needed to be on.  Even now the words sound selfish; I needed to forge a path that was for me and not what everyone else required.

“O, that way madness lies; let me shun that;
No more of that.”

(Bonus points to anyone who knows that quote.)

 So I learned, however painful the cost, I learned.  In a way, I suppose, those growing pains fueled my writing.   Many people would say this is just the nature of growing up and yet; I see so many people shackled to those same walls rather than knocking them down.  Don’t misunderstand; finding that path is absolutely fucking terrifying but again; I learned.  I learned I was a fighter.  I learned that I can pick myself up by those bootstraps and keep pushing.   Hurt like hell but I learned.  Caused myself a lot of heartache; but I learned.    What do the cheesy old “The More You Know” Commercials say…Never stop learning?

Trite saying but true.  To this day,  I suspect that was intended to push people to continue their educations and to a degree I agree with that point.  To me though, I interpret the phrase to mean never stop challenging yourself to grow.  Personally; professionally; whatever; but do not stop.  Keep moving.  Stagnant spirits die.  Be brave.  What makes you brave?  Sound off in the comments below!

In non-writing prompt related nose…by this time Wednesday night we will be in Indianapolis enjoying GenCon. I’ll have a couple promo copies of Birth of Light;  get a hold of me on Twitter.

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