On the Road Again

Like the song says…hitting the road in t-minus 3ish hours.  Headed to GenCon and four marvelous days of gaming and, possibly,  some promotional work for my books.  For those of you that may be in attendance;  look for me.  I’ll be the one reeling my dorky husband in. Or, look for my Harley Quinn backpack. This backpack:  (I think it’s pretty epic.)

In other news,  I’m excited to meet a few longtime friends face to face and play my first D&D campaign.  The game seems complex or I am overthinking it.  We shall see.  My first character is a Sorceress and a soldier.  (Go figure, right?)  From what I understand;  the event is an amazing experience and I cannot wait.  If you are attending, love my work and want to meet up,  message me @SandraHults on Twitter.  Or drop me an email at maeseloria@gmail.com.  Smartphones are wonderful things.  🙂

By the way,  tick-tock the clocks ticking until the first issue of the Maeseloria Monthly.  If you have not signed up; for the love of Light, what are you waiting for?  It’s free! You can’t beat free?  Also, stay tuned for special offers via the newsletters possibly another giveaway!  For those of you that took advantage of the free digital download of Birth of Light;   inbox me for a limited time discount on Duty’s Song. You know…maeseloria@gmail.com.  Talk to me people! Ask questions! I don’t bite, honest.

Stay safe gang.  Take care.  See you next week.




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