Raindrops on Roses…

Inspired by:  Distant Worlds – Music from the Final Fantasy Series.

Brought to you by:  The Figment’s Weekly Writing Prompt

Though there was no stumping this week, our hostess with the mostest got me thinking again.  This week’s prompt:  “Three things.”   So, she got the gears going about what three things I could choose to elaborate on.  I opted to take a tack that may interest some and may bore others.  Here goes, three things about your friendly neighborhood fantasy author.


I love games.  I do.  I am picky as hell about them.  The first video game I ever fell in love with was Final Fantasy 6. (That would be Final Fantasy III here in the states,   on the SNES).  My pickiness tends to lean towards games with great story and not overly complicated mechanics.  I’m not going to front, I cannot manage overly complicated game mechanics because I get pissed and turn it off. Give me a great storyline and easy mechanics and I’m your girl.   My games of choice are Final Fantasy 6, 7 and 10 among the favorites. Outside of that series, give me Tales of Symphonia; Abyss; Vesperia or Xillia.  I love strong characterizations and a plot that leaves you wondering.   Aeris’ death in Final Fantasy 7 is still hands down the biggest game kick in the ass I’ve ever experienced.  I was so pissed I turned the game off for a week before completing it. I have a goal to beat every Final Fantasy title released in the US.  So far I am two or three titles from that goal and I am currently stuck on Final Fantasy V.  (DAMN you Ex-Death!)

Also, my scope of gaming interest I find is not limited to the controller.  I also enjoy board gaming.  Our visit to GenCon was more entertaining than I could possibly put into words and will become a Hults family tradition.  I enjoy games like Ticket to Ride, King of Tokyo,   Coup and many more than I can put into a single blog post.  I have also found my footing in Dungeons and Dragons.  I played my first campaign with my husband and daughter this past weekend at GenCon and just…wow.  It is definitely a game that gets the imagination going. In a more traditional card game sense—I kick ass at Euchre and Gin Rummy.  Just sayin.  If you’re a gamer, what do you love? What do you hate?  Please share!


My first venture into Fantasy fiction was C.S Lewis’ The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.  I was eleven when I first read it. I thought it was an okay book at the time but grew to love it and the series later.  The first book I read cover to cover until it fell apart was Stephen King’s It.  I got my first copy of that book when I was fifteen and read it so many times the pages fell out.   I still pull it out from time to time for a good read.   As a reader I love strong characterizations; as an author I try to create relatable characters.  When you read It, your heart hurts for Beverly Marsh, Bill Denbrough and the rest of the Losers Club.   Since those days, my reading horizons have broadened.  I read horror, fantasy, romance, historical fiction just to list a few genres.   Again, I am never picky about the genre but I need a strong character base and driving story line.   (If you like Stephen King and you’ve never read It or The Stand,  I am not sure you can call yourself a fan of his work given the amount of blood, sweat and tears that I’m certain went into creating those stories.)

Right now, I picked up some new reads and GenCon that I’m itching to start.  Anyone familiar with Robin Hobb? I picked up one of her books at the convention and I am eager to get underway.  Reading for me is always a new adventure.  In many aspects writing is the same way.  Readers often ask how many books or what is going to happen next with the Maeseloria series.  The truth is that I couldn’t tell you because I don’t know!  My characters talk to me when they talk to me and tell me their stories.  At times, my heart hurts for them and at others I look at them like “Really? I don’t think this is going to end well for you but here goes.”      Another book I am excited to get my mitts on is Philippa Gregory’s Three Sisters, Three Queens.  I absolutely love her historical fiction.   If you love Tudor England and the Cousins’ War, start with The Lady of Rivers and read through the above title. You will not be sorry!  The Constant Princess is one of my all-time favorite books.   I have read Harry Potter and Percy Jackson.  Gryffindor FTW and, honestly, Annabeth Chase is another strong, smart character I can relate to.   What are your favorite reads?  Books you can read until the covers fall off?


Music is an obsession for me.  In fact, I get really bored with no new musical influence and my creativity will, on occasion, come to a grinding, irritating halt.  I will give anything a spin once…maybe twice.  Leading my creative playlists though are artists such as Lindsey Stirling;   Nobuo Umetsu (Sound off in the comments if you know him guys.  Favorite track?) ;  Brunuhville but on the other hand I also rock out to Linkin Park or My Chemical Romance.  Just depends on the song and my mood.   Right now, Nobuo Umetsu is flat out doing it for me.   I am extremely excited for Lindsey Stirling’s new album net week.  If you are familiar with her work and haven’t had time, check out Something Wild and The Arena from her new album.  It drops on the 19th.  Picture me running around like a crazy fangirl and you have the picture.  Certain albums speak to my spirit; I was a musician in high school.  I sang, I played a little piano and still do—all self-taught.

Musicals are another passion for me and yes,  I am currently on the Hamilton fangirl train but I also love shows like Phantom of the Opera,  Finding Neverland, Aida,  Wicked and Rent to name a few.  Again, driving storylines and great characters make the musical for me.

What was the first album that just touched your soul?  You love it so much you listen to every track and know every nuance.  Me?  Two albums off the top of my head still speak to me and both are from my youth.  Sarah McLachlan’s Surfacing and Hootie and the Blowfish‘s   Cracked Rear View.  I can listen to them end to end and be touched by those lyrics.  The albums were released in a time when I was in desperate need of something to relate to.   I found my footing in Black and White and Not Even the Trees.  If you don’t know these albums and love strong lyrics, check them out.   What music resonates with you?  If you write, what pushes your creativity?  Email me leave a comment with questions, I’ll feature them in my first newsletter.   Three weeks until drop date!  Don’t miss out on the short story The Guardian’s Fall. 

Hope to hear from you soon guys! Thanks for visiting!





2 Comments on “Raindrops on Roses…

  1. I love this, Sandra! So great getting to know more about you. Stephen King is my everything. My favorite author of all time. I loved It, I loved The Stand, I loved The Dark Tower series. He’s such a great writer!

    For music, one of my big go-to albums is No Need to Argue by The Cranberries and Sixteen Stone by Bush. Takes me back! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • He’s not my absolute favorite but I will say this; The Dark Tower series is the first series of books that got me wondering about the world and thinking outside the box. “Go then, there are other worlds than these.” Definitely one of the most haunting lines I’ve ever read.


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