Getting to know you..

Inspired by:  Come Undone  – Duran Duran

Current Reading (Been awhile since I put this one up):  The Lady in the Tower – Alison Weir


So a blogger I follow,  The Shameful Sheep,  got nominated for  four questions by a fellow blogger.  I found  her post entertaining—as I always do—and felt the need to pay it forward to fellow bloggers or followers of this page.  If you get a chance,  check out her blog.  She is hysterical and has an honest, brutal wit about her that just adds to the charm. Her questions were entertaining,  so  here are my answers.  (While I figure out what I’d like to ask all of you in return)

  1. Think of the person you dislike the most in this world. If you had the ability to force them to eat a full plate of anything you wanted, what would it be?

Anything?  That’s a tough decision  considering the person I dislike the most.  I’d have to say a plate full of driver ants would do nicely.  (Look them up, they’re nasty little buggers.)

  1. What do you have an irrational fear of? Spiders? Heights? People who pick their nose and flick it at the wall?

Irrational fear for me?  Bugs.  They are my kryptonite.  I don’t do well around them.  Can’t stand them. Can’t go into the bugs IN CAPTIVITY at my local zoo.  Ask my husband. Spiders and me are not pretty scenarios. It usually ends with me in another room while he takes care of the problem.

  1. You’re going out to dinner tonight – what type of restaurant are you going to? Mexican? Chinese? American? Italian?

Mexican.  I love the heat of Mexican food.  Tacos and fajitas are staple dinners in our households and everything I research for that type of cuisine appears to be something I would try to make or enjoy.

  1. If you’re a blogger – do you have aspirations of writing a book at some point? (Really curious about how many bloggers have the end goal of becoming a published author or if you’re just doing it for fun.)

No end goal here per se.  I started blogging after I published my 3rd book in an effort to get some exposure and to let my readers get to know me. The experience is fantastic.  It keeps my brain working creatively rather than running into constant stumbling blocks.   My fourth book is due out 10/17.


Now I get to ask the questions.

  1. Name a book that has most influenced you.  This book can be any genre, non fiction, fiction, whatever  floats your boat  (For me, this book was Stephen King’s It.  Weird huh?   The  storytelling and the battle between The Losers and It was so epic and so beautifully done.  That story pushed me towards writing and got me to start wondering “what if?”  I read that book for the first time when I was 15.)
  2. What is your pursuit of happiness? What dream are you trying to chase down?  (For me the answer is simple. This.  This writing gig.  I have no illusions of fame or any of the monetary satisfaction that comes with this.  I just want to keep telling my stories and hope that people want to keep reading them.)
  3. What’s the number one thing on your bucket list? (See London.  I have an avid fascination for Tudor England.  It has developed into a bit of a hobby out side of writing.  The whole investigation started with a book titled The Constant Princess by Phillipa Gregory and has led me to a couple of really fascinating non-fiction authors)
  4. What is your favorite season and why? (Autumn.  The air is crisp and clear. I love the way the leave crunch under your feet when you’re walking.  I love the baking smells associated with autumn—apple,  cinnamon,  pumpkin, the sharp tang of cider.  I love the moderate temperatures where I live.  Hoodie weather. )

Okay guys, your turn.  Play along if you dare.     Have a great night.


2 Comments on “Getting to know you..

  1. You know asking me questions of what kind of response you will get, LOL.

    1. “The Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy” by Douglas Adams. It opened my eyes to looking at the world and some of its rediculousness in a whole new way.

    2. Same as yours, kinda, I’m not exactly look for fame and millions of fans. If just one person thinks the world of my writing, I’m happy.

    3. To live till tomorrow. Seems strange, but I find that in our day and age, if you can just make it from day to day, that’s my first priority in life.

    4. Spring. So I have a reason to use that $4.00 umbrella I bought from IKEA.

    Your questions are boring…


    • If you find them boring then you didn’t have to answer. If you want to do this on your own then do it and stop being rude to someone that is trying to find out more about people in general. There is absolutely no call to come to someone elses blog and be a douche canoe. Yes you answered the questions. Whoop de doo. You’re answers were pitiful and showed that you put no effort into actually thinking about the questions and finding a real meaning in them.

      – yes I could have ignored your post, but I decided to be as childish as you.

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