Like a ghost into a fog…

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So, a long overdue update, the New Year brought a lot of interesting changes.  Please forgive the radio silence readers,  two days before Christmas I broke tooth and ended up with my first-ever root canal and crown the day after Christmas.  I think…ow about covers it.   The Maeseloria Monthly is still on hiatus until I can make a concrete decision on how to proceed forward with her.  I’ve only gotten a little bit of feedback from others about what they like/dislike about the newsletter so I’m still considering at this juncture.  For those of you that followed The Guardian’s Fall,  more to the story may appear here or in another format but I promise not to leave you all hanging with Nicholas’ story.

Revisions for Guardian’s Redemption are in early stages but have begun.  This book was kind of daunting to me because it brings a family full circle.  For story’s sake, I need to tell it well.  Those characters deserve it and so do my readers.  Many of you have been in love with the Taltos since day one.  I have too.  Nicholas is a dynamic character that I’ve enjoyed writing since his creation—even if the stubborn bastard doesn’t want to talk to me sometimes.   It is definitely time to expand on that.

On to Ink and Quill stuff, the group is backing up and running.  If you want to join a writer’s group that is supportive and fun, drop me a message or come find us out on Facebook.  J  We’re a pretty laid back bunch.  This week’s vague prompt got me visualizing on a character I have only just created.  You met her a few posts back.  Her history is a matter of interest and her background is somewhat sketchy.  Hope you enjoy!  Here’s the prompt:


She remembered the ashes in the snow.  Perched at the end of a pier, Brona Rae watched the Isean tide roll in.  The cold Lochton weather did not bother too much.  A heavy coat both covered her and hid the weapons she carried more out of habit than any other reason.  A comfortable hat hid the crown of her chocolate shaded hair.  Her green eyes examined the white swells of sea before her.

She knew now.  R.D and N.T. were her future.  Learning not to be afraid of the magic that called her soul was the road ahead.  Edward Jacobs brought her home and, for that, she would be grateful for the rest of her days.   As overwhelmed as she often was by them, she loved having a family.  She loved having places to put down roots and grow as she now believed she was meant to.

In her lap was the battered prayer book she would carry all of her days.  Now, the back held both her initials and her father’s.  Whatever her life ahead might hold, that book would always be with her.  The book linked her past to this moment.  Her future slept between the pages of this book.

With a small effort she pushed the waves away from her. The swells obeyed.  The reaction brought a pleased gasp from her lips.  Brona knew the destructive capability of Fate’s blessing, the down side to that peace and light that called to her.  That night often haunted her dreams.

The village was just beyond the outskirts of the Kindred stronghold.  She remembered the way the ash mixed with rain and snow.  She had just arrived before the fires began.  Brona had almost ended her days among the ashes. She had just finished a recon mission for the Guild that evening.  She recalled the greedy way her contact scanned her over. She threatened the twit more than once at blade point to keep his hands to himself.  After all, she had no qualms about bleeding a threat to her.  She remembered soot staining her boots and the awful smell of burnt flesh on the wind.

What she remembered best was the way the magic pulled at her soul.  When she lowered her internal walls enough to sense what was happening, the force almost knocked her out. Never in her life had she felt such a pull forward.  It sent her skittering from the village that afternoon for Lochton.  She swore to herself that whatever was in her future; that level destruction she would never touch.

Brona understood the necessity.  She understood and feared that necessity all at once.  Before a few weeks ago, she only knew two people she would go to that necessity for. Even now, that list was short.  Lily and Layla she would go to that length for time and again.  She would suffer for it but for them that was a sacrifice she would make.  She focused again and pushed the sea-shaded swells away from her.

“Large movements are easier.  Don’t push so hard. You can do more with less, little Rae.”  A voice startled her from thought.  Lochton may be safe but the voice was known to her and, unlike those closest to her, she reached with her senses before striking.  Her sudden companion’s quiet force was both known to her and undeniable.  Tatiyana Jade sat down beside her.  Like her mate, she developed a fondness for the girl.  “Most of the time, the water will take on a will of its own. Watch.”   And with that, Brona could sense the tender tug of the woman’s magic.  Where Brona’s touch was firm, Tatiyana’s was as gentle as a feather.   “See the difference? Same result if you allow the water to do as Fate wills.”

Brona requested on quiet, hesitant tones.  Her cousin and grandfather taught her healing, wards and any number of skills they could yet,  she had never seen the easy finesse in them that this woman held. “Could you teach me more please?”

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