Shadow’s Dreams

Current Listening:   My Immortal – Lindsey Stirling

Current reading:   The Well of Ascension – Brandon Sanderson

Hello readers!  So we are just about two months into 2018, does anyone have anything new, exciting or fun to report? By all means, share something with me in the comments.  Your life has to be vastly more interesting than mine.   My wedding anniversary was last Saturday and, well, my hubs is pretty damned awesome….not that I’m biased or anything.  Love you babe because I know you’re reading this. ❤

Lately, life has been a crazy mess of the 9-5 and revisions, revisions, revisions.    My frequent readers are quite aware that I hate them and, at this juncture am nowhere nearing the light at the end of the tunnel.  I will persist. It will get done.  I just…need to bitch in the moment so to speak.  Also, let me give a shout out to my former hostess with the mostest and friend, Mia.  We got to connect on Skype this past Sunday and it was amazing to sit and talk to her face to face.   Check out her blog here.  She’s a great writer and a poet that knows it.

On to the fun part of the blog, the Ink &Quill post.  So this week I went with our vague prompt because books and well…you’ll see. If you’ve never checked out our little writing group, come hang out, b.y.o.c and  drop into Ink & Quill.


Steps led her further into the forest and farther from a life she was just coming to understand.  Brona Devereaux often traveled in her dreams as of late.   Duty drew her forward into the sunset.  Darkness lingered in the outer edges of her mind as she walked.  The stone steps dug into her bare feet as she walked.  When an edge caught the sensitive arch of her foot, she cursed.

The white gown fluttered in the wind. Why the devil was she in a garment as unpractical as this?  A dress and a cloak brought a scowl to her lips.  Bloody footprints carried her forward into the dying daylight.  What was this place?  A flicker of movement to her left caught her attention and, on instinct she went for the daggers she normally kept hidden on her person. Her entire life was hiding and staying safe. Now, now it felt like this dream made her vulnerable.   The concept of family beyond the guild made her vulnerable. That too bothered her.

Even the warm comfort of the man she loved bothered her at times.  He made her feel safer than almost anyone in her short life and yet, that uncertainty sat at the edges of her consciousness like a chain.  Have faith, Chronicle of Light, this path is meant for you alone.  A phantom voice whispered in those outer recesses.  Brona cursed again as her foot began to throb.  Still she followed that sketch of red hair and lithe figure forward.  She kept to the edges of the steps and away from any sharp edges. Why was she here and better yet, why did she suspect she was just a spectator among the sharp contrasts of reality?  As dusk turned to dark, Brona followed her target into a hollow off the stone steps.  Her green eyes widened as she saw a stone roll away of its own accord.  The woman, a slender redhead, reminded her of Tessa Starson.  When Brona moved to step forward, she snapped awake with a gasp.

Panicked eyes shot from the balcony doors to window to her lap.  Uncertain hands went for the dagger that Brona still kept beneath her pillow.  She pivoted and growled a curse when she put her feet on the floor.  When she looked down at her feet, she saw the blood seeping from her foot.  “So would you like me to summon the healer or are you going to do it yourself this time, little heart?”

Fate damn it.  She woke him.

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