The Chronicle

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Current Reading:  The Well of Ascension – Brandon Sanderson

Not much to say tonight, gang. Happy Valentines day to the lot of you.  I hope you take a minute and let your loved ones know how you feel.   Do you do anything special for yourself or your loved ones?  Do you have a favorite memory?  We aren’t huge about the holiday around here.  We’re pretty low key.  For my husband and I loving each other is about the everyday gestures.  A little touch,  a kiss, shared laughter at an inside joke.   (The chicken lives! Haha, love you babe.)

At Ink and Quill this week,  I chose to go with our vague prompt.  This one I had to think about because I wanted to tie it into last week’s blog.  This ongoing story with Brona is keeping me amused.  Let’s see what happens next, shall we?


The dreams were bigger than her.  The phrase Chronicle of Light haunted her waking world.  Brona Devereaux sighed.  She sat on the highest ledge of Devereaux castle. The heights never bothered her. In fact, she found clarity more often than not observing the world from such a height and distance. Beyond her the mountains glittered beneath bright starlight above.   Her love had allowed her to escape with the promise that she would summon a healer come morning.  With exquisite care, he bound the foot and pressed a kiss to her forehead.  “Whatever Fate calls you to, little heart,  I will be here.  Tell me what you can when you can.”

His quiet confidence shook her.  Most men would not allow such secrets to stand.  Most men, she supposed did not hold the understanding of Fate that he did.  Light knew she was still learning.  She had quickly changed into a loose pair of pants and one of his shirts.  She tied the garment off at the waist then scowled when he found the sight amusing. “Oh go back to bed.”  She muttered as she left the bedchamber.

That exchange brought her to this moment and the quiet before her.  Layla would have been more decisive, she thought.  Her best friend, sister in every sense but blood,  would be more certain.  Her foot throbbed, she was confused and the night sat long before her.  The flicker of movement would have had her drawing a dagger had she not sensed his approach.  Her mental skills were improving by leaps and bounds.  She was learning to allow herself to sense who she chose when she chose.   Dominic always had a spot in her head.

“So, thank you for leaving your daggers put up,  Rae.” Dominic Devereaux smiled at his niece as he sat beside her.  “Want to talk about it or just leave it be?” He knew what the girl could do if pushed.  More often than not, he saw his sister staring out through Brona’s green eyes.  In moments like this, however, he could see the girl’s individuality.  He would never have caught his sister sitting out here alone in the middle of the night.  Raelynn, her grandmother,  would have sought his comfort or Nicholas’ .  Brona did not have that level of trust in him yet.

“Dom, what is a Chronicle of Light? Do you know?”  Brona asked suddenly.  In truth, she did not want to bother her grandfather until she had no other option.   Nicholas had enough responsibilities to the realm without the added trouble of her dreams.  The phrase and that redhead appeared in her dreams more frequently in recent weeks.  She had yet to understand why. The woman remained unaware of Brona’s presence as she went about her task.   Her uncle refused any familial acknowledgement.  He feared she would slip and the truth of their name and her relation would come to light.  Both Dominic and Nicholas agreed the girl deserved a better life than the one Dominic made for himself among the shadows.

“I believe, if my memory serves, that the title has to do with your Taltos heritage.”  Dominic said as he slid an easy arm around her to comfort her. He was saddened at the tension in her until he felt her relax into his side.  “You know Nicholas would be a better resource.”  The stubborn expression she flashed him earned a grin.  “Fine,  I’ll see what I can remember.  The Chronicle of Light, if I recall is an old term for those who are tasked with following another’s journey.  They are a record.  For what specifically, I cannot be sure.  I was only ever given a general education regarding the Taltos family titles and heritage.  There has not been a Chronical since the old bastard and I were children so I cannot be sure what exactly it means for you.”

“I think it’s bigger than me.  Part of me,” As she spoke,  Brona pushed a lock of her chocolate colored hair out of her face.  A frustrated huff left her throat when the words stuck.  “Part of me belongs to the realm and that frightens me. I’ve never belonged anywhere, Dom.”    Her eyes skimmed the horizon. The cold and starlight eased her for whatever reason.  A lone cloud crossed the empty sky.  With a small push of her will, she disbursed the water within the cloud.  It ceased to mar the night’s quiet beauty.

“That, my beloved girl, is the battle of all Fate’s children.  You will learn in time.  Be patient.”  Dominic hugged her and settled in beside her until she fell asleep against his side.  A small smile curled his lips as another touched the back of his mind.  Fate knew the twins were protective of one another. This new level of worry amused him. “She is fine, my little warrior. Tell your brother to stand down.”









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