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So, between life business and revisions, the blog has been quiet.  For regular readers, sorry!  A few ventures have seemed to have slipped between the cracks with this first quarter of the year. I plan on doing a newsletter revamp for those of you that might be waiting for more of Nicholas’ story.  I will say this much; Guardian’s Redemption heavily features the Taltos heritage and family.  If you read through the end of Shadow’s Journey, you might have a hunch what’s coming.

At any rate, life is finally calming down enough for me to take a breath so here we are.  Life has been crazy as of late.  I have a habit of seeing to others needs before my own and, honestly, the last couple days it’s been biting me on the ass. For those that know me well, it’s a mental check out for my sake.  Do any of you get so overwhelmed by what everyone else needs that you go into a total emotional shut down because you just can’t give anymore? What’s that like for you?

For me, it’s a hot mess of tears, a need for quiet and to be away from almost everyone for a bit. Quiet comforts, vegging out with the TV or a favorite video game.  In fact, there are very few people allowed in my bubble when I need that check out time.  For most, when I’m in this place in my head, I fake it.  I am very good at faking it if I must.   I look back on a younger me and I laugh a little. That girl would push until she blew up all over people and then have to apologize for her lash out later. In some cases that did a lot of damage to her friendships.  In fact, I can say one person has survived the turbulence of my youth in a way that strengthened our relationship instead of damaged it.   (You know who you are and when you read this I love you and thank you.)

Let’s be honest, life throws a lot of shit our way.  Some good, some bad but we still have to keep plugging away. At least, I do.  I need forward momentum. I hate to be stagnant.  I hate feeling like things are beyond my control.  Lately, a lot of things have been beyond my control.  I have just had to sit and watch and support because that’s all I can do.  Having your loved ones go through shit at a distance sucks because you can’t do as much as you wish you could.  I still insist this is the reason someone needs to invent a teleporter.  If only for the sake of my heart and sanity.  For the people I’m fussing over, you know who you are and why I’m fussing.  I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way though.

So, what’s been on your plate lately that tries to send you screaming into the night? Or that wakes you up worrying?

Your regularly scheduled creative goodness will be coming later this week.  Shout out to readers, if you want a segment for a specific character, drop me a line in the comments.  I love pulling random things together like that.  Tell me who you want to hear from.  Later guys!



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